Have you ever heard that a good way to learn or improve your German is by watching series ? Nowadays we have series of all kinds, therefore, choosing one that we like is not complicated, or yes, since there are so many that we do not know which one to choose. In this post I leave you 7 series in German to be able to learn it , these are divided by levels , from a basic level to an advanced level. Also, if you don't know how you can learn German by watching series, I'll leave you here 7 tips .




This children's series, which appeared in 1971, has more than 2000 episodes, many of them can be found on YouTube. It became very famous in Germany, becoming known as ‘The school of the nation’. In addition to having been issued in several languages.

Its vocabulary is simple, various topics are covered, its pace is slow and its videos are short, which makes it an ideal series to start in the language.


That's right, this Japanese anime was made in conjunction with the German channel ‘Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen’ 

We all know the story of Heidi, either by hearsay or because we have seen the series in Spanish, it has dialogues and simple vocabulary and also, it is a great series that, although it is aimed at children, knows how to hook even adults. The chapters can be found on YouTube, so if you are looking for a series to get you started in German, don't think twice.


If what you are looking for is a series to learn German without cartoons, this series is a great option, since it is one of the best to learn German, its vocabulary is everyday, its pronunciation is very good and you can find it on YouTube without any trouble. In addition, one of its characters is an American who tries to master the language, therefore, you can learn with him.   



This series has a very easy to follow plot, with a simple vocabulary and, in addition, its dialogues deal with very varied situations within the same context. The German that we can hear in the series is, for the most part, with an Austrian accent, which can help us to hear other accents in addition to what is known as 'academic German' or 'standard German'. 

It should also be noted that its chapters can be found on YouTube and that this series had a large audience in Spain, under the name 'Rex, un policía diferente'. Another German police-style series that had a large audience in Spain was that of ‘Alarm für Cobra 11’ known here as ‘Alerta Cobra’.


Without a doubt, one of the best series to learn German, acclaimed by national and international critics. It is a series of humor, with clear dialogues and everyday situations. In addition, you can find a variety of accents, since the actors are from different parts of Germany.

Like the rest of the series, we can also find this one on YouTube, so if you are at an intermediate level, I encourage you to continue improving and learning with this series.



We are facing a fairly innovative series, which has come to be broadcast by an American network, in addition to which you can find it on YouTube.

The vocabulary is very rich and the dialogues complex, hence it is recommended for people with an advanced level of the language. It will also help you learn more about the political and cultural history of Germany in the 1980s. 


This series has had a great impact as it is the first Netflix original series in German. In addition, the reviews have been and are quite good, since the plot is very well raised. 

The fact that I put it at an advanced level is not due so much to the vocabulary and the dialogues, but to the plot itself, since the characters move along different timelines and if you are not attentive or do not understand the dialogues well, you can easily get lost. 

If you liked the post and it was useful, let me know in the comments and share it with friends who want to learn German. On the web, you can also find series to learn British English , American English and Mandarin Chinese .


  1. Muchas gracias por tus recomendaciones. Extra auf Deutsch está muy bien, también hay una película de la DW que se llama Nicos Weg. Ahora empezaré con Heidi aunque al tener bastante olvidado el alemán, por momentos me cuesta seguir los diálogos. Estaría genial si alguien tuviera recopilado el vocabulario para repasar antes de ver el capítulo, pero lleva mucho trabajo.

    • Muchas gracias por tu comentario Lucía, sin duda eso sería de gran ayuda. Buscaré de todos modos a ver si pudiera encontrar algún tipo de recopilación de vocabulario sobre Heidi.

      Have a nice day!


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