Books to learn mandarin chinese.

When looking for information on the Internet, we can find several ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, the social networks or books are some of them. However, based on the time spent in front of a screen, be it a computer, a video game console or mobile, reading books is a good way to improve our vision and avoid the headaches that spending a lot of time in front of a screen can cause, and of course, we can learn a lot from them. In this post, following the web thread, I leave you 7 books that have caught my attention to learn Mandarin Chinese, you will find books for all levels , from beginner to advanced.



A book for the little ones who start in the language:
  • Bilingual Storybook with pictures for Children.
  • It is about the adventures of a little hedgehog and a cute monkey.
  • It is an easy book to understand and understand by its images.
  • It can also be found in other languages such as English or Italian.



Chineasy. Expressions for everyday use, it shows over 400 common characters, phrases, and sentences.

This book is organized into eleven themes that reflect our daily lives, revealing the stories and myths behind the characters, thereby providing a unique perspective on Chinese history and culture.

If you are just getting into the language, this book will be of great help.


For many, Mandarin Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world. However, this course explains the complicated in a simple way, deciphering the secret of Mandarin Chinese step by step, making learning easier.

This book consists of twenty lessons, teaching from spelling, showing stroke by stroke how to write Chinese characters, their pronunciations and their meanings and their applications etc...


The Larousse Express Method is a learning proposal with two targets, ffacilitate communication in everyday situations and lay the foundations for complete learning.

To do this, this course is based on:

– Numerous practical exercises, with examples extracted from everyday life.

– Real conversations, with dialogue recorded by native actors.

– Wide variety of exercises. 

An original way to approach Mandarin Chinese for, aturn on quickly and easily, ddiscover the practicality of a language and mstay interesting until the end.

This method includes a book and 2 CD's.


Aimed at travelers, International Relations students, business people and language lovers, Chinese For Dummies is the indispensable resource to be able to communicate with the citizens of this important tourist and commercial destination .

Among other topics, it includes vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar rules, cultural references, and etiquette guidelines.

Look for the supporting MP3 files in the audio section where you will find simple dialogues between native speakers and a Spanish-Chinese/Chinese-Spanish mini-dictionary.

• He went to China! ― if you are going to study in China or simply feel interested in Chinese culture, this is your book.

Sounds like Chinese to me! ― you will learn the basics of Chinese pronunciation and grammar and all the information to build sentences and start speaking.

It's life! ― You can say hello, ask questions, give directions and even solve emergencies in Chinese.

• Enjoyable and quick to read ― written in a lively style.



‘Elementary Mandarin Chinese’ is an English book dedicated to learning Mandarin Chinese through simple activities.

It is aimed at beginners of the language, no prior knowledge is required. Thanks to this book you will be able to learn to speak, understand, read and write in Mandarin Chinese.

In it you will find 23 lessons, with an estimated time of between 25 and 35 weeks to finish the book. 


If you want to learn Chinese in less time while also enjoying yourself, then keep reading...

What is the best way to learn Chinese? We should remember how we learned our own language when we were children. If we could learn a second language in the same way, it would not seem so difficult.

Think of what a child does; he or she listens to what people say and tries to copy the words. When he or she wants something, they have to ask for it. They are using the language, speaking it, and thinking in it all the time. Thus, if a second language is also used as frequently, it will be learned very quickly.

The main purpose of this book is to provide you with a platform to improve your reading skills and your ability to use Chinese holistically so that you can easily read and learn.

In Short Chinese Stories: 11 Simple Stories for Beginners Who Want to Learn Mandarin Chinese in Less Time While Having Fun, you'll find a rich and new vocabulary, but not too complex, which is translated at the end of the chapter, avoiding the hassle of having to stop reading to look up each word in the dictionary. Each paragraph is translated, as well as the summary of the story, thus providing a clearer understanding of each sentence, trying to avoid the temptation that the reader, if discouraged, may have to give up and read the full story in english

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