Libros para aprender inglés.

When looking for information on the Internet, we can find several ways to learn English , the social networks or books are some of them. However, based on the time spent in front of a screen, be it a computer, a video game console or a mobile phone, reading books is a good way to improve our vision and avoid headaches that spending a lot of time in front of a screen can cause and of course, we can learn a lot with them. In this post, following the web thread, I leave you 7 books that have caught my attention to learn English , you will find books of all levels , from beginner to advanced.


Why buy this book? Here are some of the reasons:

• The number of people who speak English is increasing day by day ... you can be next!

• You will find tools that you need to communicate in English.

• Imagine yourself traveling, living and working in an English-speaking country ... with this book you will be able to do it.

• You will learn to greet, ask questions, give directions and even solve emergencies in English.

• You will also learn the basics of pronunciation and English grammar and all the information to build sentences and start speaking.


English for conversation is a course to learn and practice more than 1500 expressions and dialogues used daily, in real life situations, by people who live, work and develop in the United States. It's the English you need to converse! In this book you will find:

• More than 300 illustrations .

• About 100 self-correcting exercises on the same page.

• Dozens of tricks to learn English.

• More than 100 fundamental concepts of practical use of the language.

• Lots of cultural notes from the United States.

800 dialogues divided into 30 chapters of a passionate story that recreates everyday situations of people living in the United States.

• About 700 words grouped in more than 50 vocabulary topics.

500 ‘phrasal verbs’ commonly used in the United States.



Learning to speak English will help you communicate with people from all over the world.

In the book, "The Complete Guide to Basic English" you will learn many practical phrases and vocabulary that you can use in your day to day life.

You will find 30 chapters on different topics such as:

  • Numbers
  • Nationalities
  • Jobs
  • Family
  • Colours
  • How to tell the time
  • Money
  • Hobbies
  • Talk about the present, the past and the future


This book is intended for people with a medium - high level, not for beginners. In it you will find:

  • ‘Phrasal verbs’.
  • Advanced vocabulary.
  • ‘Idioms’.

All these words appear in the book together with how and when to use them with examples that can be given in your day to day, as well as useful conversations and exercises.


In these 30 essential topics, you will learn all the basics to start getting loose with English . This book will be very useful if you are starting from scratch, or if you are reviewing the basic English learned before.

Everything is explained in Spanish, with many examples, texts, exercises and vocabulary lists.

You will learn how to use the verb to be, the present simple, the present continuous, the past simple, the adjectives, the verbs, the questions and negations and much more!

It will be of great help for Spanish speakers who want to learn English for work reasons, or to travel or study.

The author has spent almost a decade teaching English to people of all levels in Madrid, Spain, and in this time he has been able to help many Spanish speakers like you to speak and understand more. With his experience in the classroom he knows how to present important topics in a way that is understandable to beginners who speak Spanish.

A percentage of the price of this book goes to finance solidarity works in developing countries.


Are you learning English? If so, this book will help you through the learning process. In it you will find stories aimed at a beginner and intermediate level, where you can practice 'reading' while working on vocabulary and grammar.

The stories you will find in the book are intended for learners of English as a second language, both beginners and intermediate, so that you will find new vocabulary and grammar to learn without worrying about the level of the story. In addition, in these stories only a native English is used, the English that would be useful to us in our daily lives in an English-speaking country.


This book works with American English , which differs from British in several aspects: vocabulary, conversation and culture.

Today the world of international trade and global communications revolves around the United States. More than 300 million people speak it as their mother tongue or second language , and more than double, worldwide, refer to it as the international language.

As for the Assimil method, it has been carried out since 1929, teaching not only English but also other languages, so it is a proven method that works , which is based on the intuitive assimilation . In addition, apart from the book you will also find 4 CDs with audios that reinforce the knowledge that appears in the book, and a USB that will allow you to see all the recordings, exercises and lessons.

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